Xavior pulled me out of the forest and into the gazeebo where I could see a stage set up. Once he let go of my hand and walked onto stage I could finally speak. He grabbed an electric guitar, I could see David on keyboard, Daren on drums, Logan on base and Lee using a DJ mixer.

"Hey Dessa" Lilly, Hannah and Nikki stood behind me, smiling brightly.

"Hey guys, how were your um...dates?"

"Okay" Lilly shrugged, but obviously it was soooo much better than Okay.

The crowd in the gazeebo fell silent and Xavior approached the mic "Hey guys, we're going to play something I'm pretty sure all of us know...and a personal favorite of mine...american idiot"

The crowd cheered.

Xavior motioned for the each of the instruments to start, then began to sing. The music clouded the atmosphere, everyone danced. I stood there like an idiot and watched among my friends who also stood still "They're good aren't they" Nikki shouted so I could hear.

"Better tha good" Hannah corrected just as loudly

"They're amazing" I awnsered, watching as the band got lost in the music, the crowd joining in

"Dont wanna be an american idiot!" and just like that the music ended, the atmosphere became calmer though everyone was cheering, clapping, whooping and whistling as loud as is possible.

The End

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