Xavior walked by my side, talking about odds and ends, things I missed, friends....

We stopped in a tiny clearing, no bigger than a 2 man tent. I could see the cobbled pathway we had taken light up in the moonlight.

Xavior smiled and took my hand, pulling me down on a boulder for a make-shift seat. "What have you been doing recently then?" he asked casually.

"Um, not much really. Reading, homework, more reading oh and writing"

"What were you writing?"

"I think..." I laughed "I can't really remember, I just scrawled something down randomly. A spur of the moment inspiration"

Xavior laughed "Sounds about right, your always soooo fogetful. You know I think if your head wasn't attached-"

"-I'd have lost it ages ago!" We laughed together for a breif moment and I felt Xavior's hand rest on mine, Relax Aradessa, don't you remember? Normal teenager, no past, no future, just the present. I smiled "Little miss forgettful"

"Always have been, Always will be."

I nodded, looking up from the boulder. I noticed for the first time that Xavior had his hair dowd, it cut off just shy of his shoulders and like the pathway it shimmered in the moonlight.

Xavior leaned his head closer to mine, his eyes sparkling..."Xavior! did you forget, we have to perform like...now!" Xaviors head moved and turned toward the pathway.

"Relax David, I was on my way"


My cheeks burned red, my voice box closed in on itself and I couldn't deny it, since it was phyically inmpossible.

Xavior laughed "Okay, so I might have been a few minutes late" Xavior stood up and where he was holding my hand I stood with him. "I've gotta go perform now, but I'm hopping you'll watch"

The End

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