The door opened, Lilly was at the door, smiling "Same old Aradessa"

I saw her clothes were normal too "And same old Lilly apparently"

"Well it can't be rennasaince all the time! We are tennagers afterall. We can wear pretty much what we want and you should see the difference! It makes HQ look like a college campus!" She laughed "Now come on, it's time to relax. Have some proper teen-time you need it after what you've been through in the past 2 days"

"Yeah" I sighed "I'll stick with you"

"Abso" She smiled "Remember tonight, your a normal teen"

"Yeah, I'll try to remember that" I sighed Not that it's going to be easy with all the stuff floating around in my head right now but I will try. One night as a normal teen...that sounds pretty good right about now.

I followed Lilly out the door after she said the spell to make our tree house grounded. I could see lights flickering in the dark and as we got closer I saw that the gazeebo was lit up with lanterns...the whole area was, it was so beautiful, it looked like firflies floating around. "Do you do this every night?"

"Kinda, once or twice a week at least, if we don't need to do extra training that is" We entered the lit up area seconds before Nicki and Hannah appeared next to us, skipping from either side.  I smiled, joining in with the laughter, glad to have this chance to be with my friends.

Everyone was dressed...'normally' Lilly was so right when she said it looked like a college campus. It felt like it too accept that it was a little bit lighter and more responsible since we were below the drinking age.

Logan approached us, wearing an overconfident smirk. I heard Nikki giggle. "Hannah, wanna take a walk with me?"

"Uh, sure" Hannah linked arms with him and walked away from the gazeebo. I smiled no wonder she didn't look twice at any guy at school.

"Lilly, want to get a drink?"

I caught Lilly blush "Uh...sure Daren" Is that all anyone says? I recognised the boy as one of the twins that had me in a hedlock after arriving. They walked off into the far end of the gazeebo.

Nikki stepped beside me "Thats been going on for a while now" she giggled "Logan isn't very direct and Daren...well he's a little shy but a nice guy"

"Thanks for the 411" I smiled.

"No P-r-o-b" She laughed

"Um, Nikki I was wondering if you might want to hang out with me"

Nikki grabbed his hand "Is it alright if I-"

"Go have fun" I encouraged. Nikki smiled at me, then walked off. Seems like everyone's hooking up I laughed inwardly.

"Lee and Nikki, theres  an interesting couple" I jumped and turned to see the very ammused looking Xavior. He was wearing light jeans, a beige turtle neck and a dark jacket.

"Don't sneak up on me like that" I laughed, jabbing his arm jokingly.

He laughed "Not my fault if you didn't listen carefully enough."

I rolled my eyes "So whats the reason to annoy me this time?" I smiled

"Your alone so I thought I'd ask you to dance"

I cringed, Xavor's smile faded "The idea can't be that bad..."

"No! it's not that you big oaf! I'm just not that good a dancer is all and pulic embarresment is not that high on my list of things to do"

"In that case, come with me, we can go for a walk instead" He beamed

The End

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