My Room

What Hannah and Nicki said really bugged me. . .what did she mean Bree wasn't on our side? What did they mean Bree's been after Xavior? I thought-I stopped in my tracks and followed Lilly to my room.

It was very...natural. There was a single bed with pink bedding that had obviously been hand-made, a big window directly opposite the door and a desk, dresser and wardrobe. It was the kinda room I didn't have back in gosport, it was simple but very me and I felt the lump form in my throat. "This Thankyou!"

"It's alright Aradessa, besides we're bff's it's what we do right?" she smiled

I hugged her "Right" We stood in silence for a moment, then Nicki came in, holiding something.

"Wait! Your room needs one more thing!" She held out her palm and out of it appeared a potted plant, simplistic and beautiful.

"Thanks Nicki" I hugged her.

"S'okay. Hannah helped with it too but she went to go help with training"

"I'll be sure to thank her"

"Well, we'll leave you to explore the room, you might want to change those clothes, Xavior's magic isn't that imaginative" She laughed and left the room

I looked down at my outfit for the first time today to see I was wearing what everyone else was...fake leather armour over normalish clothes. Lilly's right, he isn't imaginative. I went over to the wardrobe and searched through the clothes, who picked out all these dresses? There are alot of ball gowns in here...isn't there anything...ah! I pulled out a pair of jeans and a short sleeved red top "Perfect!" I smiled and changed into the welcome reminders of normality. I decided to raid my room...maybe they'll be something here that will trigger those memories Xavior and Logan talked about. It was so unfair that they wouldn't even give me a clue, sorry he. He wont give me a clue. I searched through the drawers on my dressing table but didn't find anything remotely connected, not one stinking photo or momento . . . nothing!

I groaned and sat on the bed, this is going to bug me no end! how unfair that there isn't one thing to help me out! Not one get out of jail free card . . . ugh!

The End

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