I moved my foot from his chest "What do you mean? I've never even done that before"

Logan stood up "Yeah right, like I don't remember the last time you pulled that move. I couldn't train for a week" Logan's scowl loosened "Welcome back I guesse"

The crowd came to pat me on the back

"That was amazing!"

"You kicked his butt!"

"Did you see it was all whachaa and he was like..."

"People, people please. Aradessa is gonna get claustrophobic at this rate" Xavior came to stand beside me, putting his arm around my shoulders."Now if you'll excuse us, I need Aradessa's undevided attension" Xavior pulled me out of the crowd and toward the trees.

I shrugged off his arm "Where are you taking me?"

"To your room, duh. I did say we were getting it ready for you" He took my hand, ignoring my protests and lead me to an enormous tree, where on the strongest branch was a house, just like Xavior's.

"eviatas" to my amazement the tree branch lowered before us. "Get in then. The branch won't stay grounded for long" I walked into the door, below garlands of flowers into a beatiful little house.

"This is the house you'll be sharing"

"With who?"

I heard footsteps coming toward the room and recognised the faces immediately "Lilly? Nicki? Hannah? is that really you?"

"It's us alright" Lilly beamed

"We would have loved to tell you about this but..." Nicki began

"Never mind that, she didn't talk about her dreams so we couldn't say anything" Hannah stated. I noticed something off about Hannah and Vicki.

Lilly noticed my stares and giggled "Hannah and Vicki are magic beings"

Vicki coughed.

"Okay, sorry spiritual magical beings. They don't live live here but they hang around and have sleep overs alot so it's more or less the same"


"She's not really been clued in on the magic front Lilly" Xavior moaned

"Ooops, sorry"

"It's alright" he sighed "I'll leave you girls alone, Bree's probably asking after me" Xavior walked out the door

"Bree? Bree's here? Where?"

"Um, she's kinda in another area of the forest" Nicki mumbled

"What do you mean?"

"She's not exactly....on our side. In fact she's been trying to get Xavior to go over for a while" Hannah whispered, seeming upset.

"I don't follow you"

"Don't worry" Lilly smiled "We'll clue you in later, for now lets go look at your room"

The End

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