"My eyes fluttered open to reveal a small, wooden room. Sunlight came through a little window by the corner, I began to think how peaceful it was...and then I remembered last night.

I jumped off the bed and made my way to the door, rage building inside me. The door opened easily and I saw Xavior sitting at a small table by an area that must have been the kitchen. I stormed over to him "Good morning Aradessa-" I slapped him again "Oh, so you remember last night"

I scowled at him "You...You...YOU NIMROD!" I clenched my fists "How dare you!"

Xavior sighed "Fine, I'm sorry"

I scowled harder, radiating fury "No. Your not sorry, infact you think it's funny.

Xavior smiled "You see right through me. I had to admit it was pretty amusing, but you needed a good nights rest, you have training today"


"Yes, combat training. You'd better go actually, their very impatient"

I scowled but headed out the door, climbing down the steps to the ground. Stupid Xavior thinking he knows everything. 'oh look at me I'm so great' I walked over to a group of people that I assumed were there for training.

"Hey Aradessa! Your just in time!" A voice bellowed "Class, how about we get Miss Aradessa to help with a little demonstration"

The group cheered "Logan, you can help too. Grab a sword" I was pulled into the centre of the circle and handed a steel blade.

A boy about my age, who must have been Logan stepped infront of me. I know him...

"Theres no holding back here princess, this aint the mortal world"

"Do your best to disarm you opponent, last one standing wins and please no causing serious injuries, Logan. Go!"

Logan jabbed at me with his sword and I stopped it with mine, another jab, another counter, another jab, another went like that for a minute and then Logan made an unexpected move, cutting  my arm and making my sword fly across the feild.

Logan laughed "Now what are you gonna do, you lost your sword" we began to circle eachother and I realised it was only a matter of time before he took me down. I acted on impulse, faking a feint where Logan would jab then kicking his sword away. His smile diappeared.

"Sorry, did I do that?" I batted my eyelashes in mock innocence, making him lunge at me and flipped him to the floor, putting my foot on his chest.

Logan glared at me from the floor "How the hell do you remember your fighting skills? Thats not fair"

The End

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