I made my way into the gazeebo and was confronted with many faces.

"Guys,and girls this is Aradessa"

"About time she got here!"

"Yeah, yeah. You can get her back for that during training tomorrow" Xavior looked at me then back at everyone  "Though if I were you I wouldn't reccomend it"

Every face looked at me, measuring me up then I was aware I was in my pajamas and cursed under my breath.

A man stepped out from the crowd "She doesn't look like much but the way she took down Conner...I guesse we shouldn't judge. We'll all get our chance on the feild tommorrow"

As we left the gazeebo Xavior laughed "What the hell is so damn funny?" I demanded.

"The look on your face! You couldn't even speak!" He laughed

I rolled my eyes "Not that I was given a chance"

"That aside, you'll have to sleep in my house tonight until we sort your room"

"Your house?! I'd rather sleep outside!" I huffed

"Well thats the choice" He shrugged

"Then I guesse I'll be outside tonight"

Xavior sighed,smirking "I really didn't want to have to resort to this but" he shook his head and placed his falm to my forehead.

"What are you-" My eyelids began to shut and I drifted into unconciousness

The End

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