I can't

"Aradessa? Aradessa, are you okay?" It was Xavior "Look, I'm sorry. Ididn't mean to...I deserved that slap back there. I just figured you knew. Hey, are you crying?"

I felt his hand on my shoulder "No, I'm not crying"

"Right, look I really am sorry. I'll send you home as soon as this is over"

"I can't go home"


"I can't go home okay? My parents always knew, thats why they were so distant"

"Yes. They did know."

"Then theres no point in going back yet I guesse"

"You mean you'll stay?"

I felt his arms wrap around me, making me heat up "Yes, for a while but don't get any ideas pal."

"You really don't remember do you?" He whispered

"Remember what?"

"Never mind. I guesse if you don't remember we'll have to make some new memories"

"What are you on about?"

"Nothing" Xavior pulled me up and to his chest, resting a hand on my cheek. My cheeks flushed red "Just like old times" he sighed.

"G-Get off already" My heart beat increased

"Alright, I think you should go talk to everyone anyway"

"Great" I groaned "Oh well, better get it over with" Xavior finally released me and lead the way back o the gazeebo.

The End

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