"This is not my home! I live in the united Kingdom! in gosport!"

Xavior laughed "You may have lived in the mortal world but you were born here"

"what do you mean? what your not a mortal?" I snickered

"Aradessa, be serious, none of us are, not even you"

"You should be in a mental home! I am human!"

"No Aradessa your not."

"My parents are! Sarah and Fredrick, both mortal!"

"Their not your real parents"


"That wasn't your real life"

"Shut up"

"And that isn't where you belong"

I slapped him around the face again, tears in my eyes and stormed out of the gazeebo, laughter echoing inside. Not mortal?! Ha! He's crazy, bonkers, mad! I do belong there, I've always belonged. My eyes widened If thats true, then why did I feel so empty? I stopped at the edge of the meadow, tears flowing down my cheeks. I fell to my knees, holding my head in my hands.

The End

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