I stared at the boy with deep irritation "What do you mean about time?!"

"We've been trying-" I heard someone cough "Okay, I've been trying to get you here for months"

"Why?" I scowled at him.

He sighed "You think you'd remember the dreams...then again it does seem that you forget the most vital parts. As per usual"

I scowled harder "You know I'd love to stay and chat but your goons are giving me a headache"

"David, Daren, let her go will you."

"Are you sure? She looks like she's ready to kill you"

"Now why would I want to do that" I mutter with deep sarcasm.

The boy raises an eyebrow and the boys let me drop tothe floor. The boy extends his hand, I ignore it and get upon my own. "You know Aradessa, you've always been stubborn"

"Okay, 1st how do you know my name and 2nd how would you know?"

"It's all in your dreams Aradessa, so ofcourse I would know who you are"

"Well, who the hell are you!"

"My name is Xavior" The boy smirked "This is the freedom fighters HQ and everyone has been waiting for you to come back, especially me" Xavior pulled me to his chest and I slapped him around the face.

"Don't try it" I warned. Xavior smiled, his cheek glowing red from the contact.

"I wont" He sighed,holding back a laugh.

"Are you the one who left that letter on my bed,the one that made me come here?" I could feel my temper growing.

"Yes, do you speak latin?"

"No, sorry I skipped that class" I could hear the sarcasm flowing more free with every sylable.

Xavior laughed "Well then, I'll translate the letter simple said 'return home to those who need you most' this is your home and we need you so here you are"

The End

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