About time

There was a huge feild surrounded by trees, lanterns hung from poles, tents and strings around a huge gazeebo. There were houses scattered across the feild that couldn't have thatmany rooms in and as I looked up at the surrounding trees I saw more houses built on the great branches. I had no desire to go any further as I began to hear loud voices coming from the gazeebo not to far away. I knew I had to go into the feild, it was my only option, besides facing Collin or other animals that would have me as a midnight snack.

I took a step into the feild and exhaled, quietly making my way to the gazeebo. I hid in a bush next to it and listened.

"Quiet please, I'm as annoied as any of you but we need to wait"

"We have been! Our patience is wearing thin!"

"Will you please stop complaining, you sound like a bunch of children. Remember the story, we can't rush it and it's out of our hands anyway-"

I was grabbed from behind, I turned my head to see the figures of two men. I kicked and wriggled, I even tried to do that thing I did to Collin but it didn't work, these guys were either insanely strong or could cope with pain. "Let go!"

They dragged me into the gazeebo to face the noisy crowd. I met the eyes of a boy with blonde hair and blue yes, his hair was tied in a short ponytail and I saw his amused yet irritated expression "It's about time you got here"

The End

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