Collin Pond?

My eyes widened, it was the forest...the one from all those dreams.

Thats it...I'm dreaming, in a few moments the voice will wake me up. I waited for the voice and I waited for the darkness, neither came.

I heard a deafening howl and decided to not stick around for dinner. My feet had never been so fast, I detested running but now...well if it's a choice between that or a hungry animal...running is better.

I push past trees and other greenery, my heart racing at double it's usual speed. The howling begins to fade so I slow to a walk. It's over. I exhale in relief.

"Far from it I'm afraid" I hear a voice coming from the shadows,but not the sweet one that always wakes me up...this one has a poisonous edge to it...deadly.

"Who are you? Show yourself!"

"Such a brave girl, brave and stupid" I heard a light drop behind me and see a man dressed in grey with shocking silver hair, if it weren't for his cold eyes he could be considered handsome...disregarding his remarks of course.

"I don't think you heard me right, who are you?"

"My name is too hard for you to pronounce, everyone calls me Collin, Collin Pond"

What kind of a name is that? I heard chuckling in the back of my head "Well Collin, I'd love to stay and chat but wait...thats a lie. Cya" I begin to walk past but he stops me with his venemous touch.

"I can't do that my dear you see your not someone who I can allow to live"

I was about to shoot something back like Allow, sorry, I didn't realise you were paitron saint of arrogance. But Collin shrunk away "You little wiccan!"

I stared at his arm, which was now burnt and glowing slightly "Did I just...?" I looked atthe expression on Collin's face and found my awnser, yes, I did just do that. "Back off Collin, thats not all I know" I warned him, sounding braver thanI had ever been.

"We will meet again little wiccan, you have my word, we will meet again" Collin literally disappeared into the shadows.

Now where to I go?

Follow your instincts Aradessa, they will lead you down the path. It was the voice!

I did as it said and found myself easily navigating through the trees, the trail stopped after about a mile and where i found myself wasn't exactly what I'd wanted to find.

The End

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