The taxi stopps and I sigh in relief at the sight of my house "How much?"

"Don't worry about it miss, this ones on the house"

"are you sure I-"

He held his hand up to signal silence "Your not very well miss, I do not wish to take money off you. You'd better head up to bed though, yourlooking a little green"

"Thankyou sir" I grabbed my belonging and exited the cab, waving as her drove off. I unlocked the double bolted door and headed upstairs to my room. My stuff lay across the floor and I got myself a glass of water, hoping it would help the dizzines.

I lay on the bed but couldn't sleep despite the fact I should, I cursed my stubborn eye lids.

I wrote in my diary instead

Dear Diary

I fainted today, it was incredibly embarressing. Worst thing is that it was on the tennis court in the middle of a game! The dizzy spells have just been getting worse and I couldn't concentrate at all today. All I could think about was that forest, it's getting ridiculous. I think I need to talk to someone about it, especial my short attension span and dizziness, I mean thats not normal...right?



I groan and thrust my diary aside Like thats gonna help Aradessa I scowl and push up from the bed. I hear the door go and run down the stairs. I open the door to "Very mature!" I shout, getting more annoied with every passing second. I lock the door and go back to my room, wash, blow dry and straiten my hair then change into my pajamas.  As I walk over to the bed I notice a piece of folded up paper on my pillow, my hands shake as I reach to take it. I read it aloud:


reverto domus illis quisnam postulo vos plurimus"

I felt dizzy again and had the sensation I was falling, I held my head "Ouch" I moaned. I felt a cold gust of wind blow in my face and opened my eyes "What the hell..."

The End

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