I hear Lilly next to me, aswell as the teacher "I told you to go see the nurse" Lilly whispered.

"Can you hear me Aradessa?"

I groan "Yeah"

"Can you get up?"

"I think so" I slowly sit up, the ground staying where it should.

"Lilly can you take her to the nurse?"

"Yes miss"

I stand up and Lilly stands by me, as if she thinks I'll fall again. As we walk away from the tennis court I notice Lilly's pale expression. "Whats up?"

"You worried me back there"

"Yeah, sorry. I really shoulda gone to the nurse when you said"

"Yes you should"

We both chuckled for a minute then entered the nurse's office, theone place I'd always wanted to avoid.

"Whats wrong?" The nurse looked up from her desk with a barely interested expression on her face.

"Aradessa feinted, she fell on the tennis court"

The nurse franticly pulled me to the bed and flashed a light in my eyes "Theres no sign of concussion" she sighed, appearing relieved. "Does you head hurt?"

"Not re-" A pulsing pain shot through my head, making me grip my skull but this didn't feel like I'd hit my head.

"You need to go home, I'll call your mother"

The pain faded to a dull ache. The nurse put the phone down "Your mother is at work but she said to call a taxi and they'll be some money to pay for it on the counter by the door"

"Okay" I nodded.

The nurse dialed for a taxi and when Lilly came back with my stuff as it arrived I felt relieved. I waved goodbye to Lilly and rested my head on the seat of the cab.

 "Are you okay?" a voice, male and quite old came from the front.

"I guesse"

He chuckled "You don't sound so sure and Miss Halesay doesn't usually let anyone go home" How does he know the nurse? "Oh! I'm the usual driver for the school, it's usually substitute teachers though, your the first student"

"huh" was all I could hink to say

"So whats wrong?"

"Dizziness, I feinted...well more or less fell on the tennis court"

The man chuckled again "No wonder, that school is quite hectic, but you'll be home soon enough. I do suggest that you sit up though miss, the dizziness will only get worse laying like that."

I sat up and leaned my head on the window,watching as the streets flew by on the way to my isolated house.

The End

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