Not fine

When I get to PE I barely notice the teacher call my name, every fibre of my being is being used to try to get me to keep my eye lids open. I get dressed for PE, listening to Tamarin and Bree talk boys now that Tam is single. I walk out to the tennis court with everyone else and groan when I see that the netball stuff is set out.

Lilly pops next to me "I'll stay with you"

"Thanks" I whisper, Lilly is really kind, she's one of the best athletes but she stiks by me, the worst athlete in the world.

Lilly's kind idea didn't work because miss picked the teams. I was wing deffence, guarding the bits by the goal and marking someone trying to get it into the goal.

"Alright girls, starting positions" The whistle is blown and I jump to get the ball away.

My head begins to spin, the ball in various positions "Aradessa, catch!" I feel the wind rush by my head and slowly make contact with the floor.


The End

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