Day dreamer

Tutor passes by in a haze, a blur of various random coments spoken by my awesome red headed friend Joanna. By the time second period starts my brain shuts down and I begin to day dream. I'm walking through the forest, confused and irritated, the sun shines through the leaves and I hear leaves crunch, warning the approach of a stranger....

"Miss Taylor, the awnser?"

I look up at Mr Daniels "I'm sorry sir, what was the question?"

He rolls his eyes "In king lear, can you descibe the relationship between Gonerill, Regan and Edmund?"

"Um...Gonerill and Regan are sisters, two of three. They both want to...get together with edmund, the illegitimate son of Glouster. A love triangle begins to form, the sisters fight to the death for Edmund but he was only using them to gain power."

Mr Daniels nodded and carried on. "Are you okay? you looked kinda out of it" Lilly whispers.

"I'm fine" I assure her "Just tired"

"Are you sure? You look kinda pale"

"I'm fine, really"

I try to listen to Mr Daniels explain in further detail about the scandelous acts of Gonerilll and Regan but I can't pay attension, it's as if everything wants to get my attension.

Class ends and I go to the library, feeling dizzy and drained, though I've yet to do PE. The worst torture ever, invented to ammuse teachers.

I sit down and put my head back, staring at the ceiling. "Another dizzy spell?" Sara asks.

"Yeah, I think their getting worse"

"You should see a doctor"

"I'll drop by the walk in clinic after school" I promise

"Stuff that! you need to go home! Have you seen yourself?! You look like a zombie"

"thanks" I mumble "but I'll be fine, theres only 3 more periods left anyway"

The End

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