School. The same thing everyday, the lessons change but the pattern is always the same like a lama, predictable soap opera. I have the same pattern every day, I can even predict what others are going to say next it's so dull. I walk up to my friends door and knock our  little knock. "Aradessa! Have I got news for you! Tamarin's boy friend broke up with her and once again she's being melo dramatic I mean you'd think the world ended-" Sara carries on like that for a few minutes and I nodd, smile and laugh when needs be "Anyway she says she's completely over him which is soooo not true! It's obvious she's still into him, but hey thats how the world works" She shruggs, smiling.

"Is that a new bag?" I look at the intricate embroidery around Michael Jackson's picture.

"Absolutely" She beams, her dark browneyes sparkling as she dishes where she got it, how much it cost and jealous it would make Tamarin, the official one girl MJ cult. Her naturally black hair is shorter than usual, but I leave it, knowing how it will lead into the same story I've been hearing since the day we met in Junior school.

We walk in through the blue gates toward the library where we usually go before tutor time. I spot Tamarin talking to Nicki, Lilly and Hannah about her crude dumping experience over the phone this weekend and I roll my eyes. "Lilly! Nicki! Hannah! Tam!" I wave, smiling in their direction. Hannah, Lilly and Nicki all have releived expressions coating their faces as we come to stand by them.

"Good morning party people, I trust you had fun at the weekend" I say in a posh, uptight tone.

Lilly smiles, mocking my tine "Oh absolutely, Nicola, Hannah and I all went to a smashing due by Mathew's house at the park. We had a cracking time, larking about on the feild" Lilly purses her lips in a way that looks like she'd sucked a lemon and I burst into fits of laughter with everyone else around us. Lilly is hilarious, and brilliant at all the girly stuff but she is no way as random as I am in the rain.

"Come on Lords and Ladies, it's time for tutor" Sara laughs, pushing us out the door.

The End

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