Aradessa is having some pretty strange dreams, she wants to be like her dream self and she wishes it was real...be careful what you wish for is taken quite literally.

Dear Diary

I had another one of those dreams again. I was running through the forest in an old fasioned dress, like the ones they wore in robin hood's time. I could hear footsteps closing in on me, a deep growl from the shadows shook the trees. Darkness grew closer, threatening to take me, my hands froze and then a voice broke the deadly silence, I don't remember the words only that the voice gave me the courage to laugh into the darkness. Then I woke up. I still don't know if I should tell anyone, they are only dreams but I keep re visiting the forest, and the same voice always wakes me up.

Confusingly yours


I put away my diary and walked down stairs to get breakfast before another dull day at senior school. I had already gotten dressed and straighted my long, dark brown hair but I had to put on some cover up for today was the day I get a spot. My naturally lightly tanned skin had a singular spot poking through, just above my eye. I hoped no-one would notice it through the cover up and curtain of hair. Normal teenaged worries I sighed. How dull does your life have to be when you worry about a hidden spot? The awnser was easy, it had to be as dull as mine. I walked into the empty kitchen and did myself some toast, sighing and thinking about my dream world.

The End

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