DREAMS r for those people who live in their dreams and have the capacity to fulfill them at any cost. you want to know more.....
then read this and enjoy


Hey Guys! Welcome all of you into DREAMS, my native land.


You all may think that what this word is? Where is “Dreams”? Let me introduced u. This is the place where I live. The place which is connected to all of us. And today I want all of u to come here and see this place through my eyes.

What? Are u all laughing? .....

Are u all thinking it’s a joke but it’s not a joke. Believe me guys… it’s really an interesting place.

This is a place where you forget all your worries and problems and roam into a new world. I bet once u all are lost in the dreams u will enjoy a lot.

You know what? People always think that dreams r like nightmares which come only in night after closing our eyes and are very far from our real life.

But do you think the people r right? If yes then u all are wrong… because they are beautiful p art of our life.

Tell me one thing…

If APJ Abdul Kalam had never dreamt of doing something extraordinary; today no one would be calling him “The Missile Man”. If Mahatma Gandhi never had dreamt for an independent India; today we all would have been the slaves of British and no one call him “Father of the nation”. 

Did u understand what I am trying to tell u? If u never dreams of doing anything, then how can u think of achieving something?

People around me always told me that “Don’t live in dreams, Live in reality”. But I believe in my dreams and making them real; for this people always call me a daydreamer and I want to make all of you a daydreamer just like Kalam & Gandhi.


What are u waiting for? ... Start dreaming by today and give a chance to other people to change their minds about the misconceptions of this world which we all call……


Once again, I welcome all of u into your own place …..

Go ahead… and make your life more beautiful than the fairyland by making your dreams true…

Let’s begin from now….


Don’t forget to tell me whether u likes this place or not. If u like DREAMS; then many more dreams r waiting for all of u. So…..

Just Wait and Watch for my next coming article.

Have fun…


The End

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