I had a cute little dream so I wrote it out so I wouldn't forget it. Feel free to add more and continue the story, or perhaps add your own dreams <3

"What'cha playing?"

Jamie sits on our worn faux-leather sofa, his arms looking luminous against its aged skin.

"Trees V. Nazis." He answers without looking up from his phone. I start to sit down on the floor next to the sofa.

"I've always wanted to play that. It sounds insane." 

Jamie said nothing. I examined the curls in his hair for a moment. Sandy and dull. Gorgeous.

Wordlessly he aims his phone half at me. I kneel up and lean on the armrest. The screen is now split in 2.

"Did you split it so I could play?"

He nods, still focussed on the game. I smile, kiss his arm before resting my head on it and we sit like that, playing random shizz for a delightfully long time.

The End

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