Based on real story.


Na'ama was the typical ulpana girl; religious and modest. The main interest domain in her life was the studies and she learned days and nights for the exams, because her parents told her that she must get excellent grades in order to be accepted to a college. University was not a question at all. Religious girls do not go to a mixed university.

The years passed and she got at 12th grade, as in every ulpena in Israel, before Purim the 12th layer plan "Hachtara"- shows, dances, and making fun of the teachers.

During the preparations, Na'ama realized that she was blessed in an amazing talent to act. She was chosen to act the principle, and she acted as the same as the principle walks, talks, and behaves. Her friends were shocked. Na'am, the shy girl, the quiet girl is a great actress who knows to imitate a person exactly. Her friends asked her to imitate other teachers and people, and they were shocked how well she did it. She could replace her voice to any voice she wanted, and she could walk and behave as the same as any person in the world.

Her friends told her that her place is in the theatre "there are theatre schools for religious; you must fulfill your talent, Na'ama".

She dreamed about being an actress, dancing and speaking on stages in front of thousands people. But just dreamed.

Life is more complicated than a person's wishes and dreams. She is religious, she is going to marry to a Yeshiva student, have 9 children, and support them all. She can't support her family with a job of an actress. She just can't.

* * *

"Ima, Ima, tell Shulamit to give me my doll!"

"No, mama, it's my doll!"

Your doll, her doll, I'm a doll for ten years and you're complaining about your toy doll?

Thought Na'ama to herself. The show that she watched yesterday with her best friend raised  her old, sweat dreams. She wanted to be an actress and to show her talent. Instead she stuck in a job in hospital. So what if she is a senior midwife and if she gets a high salary? Who cares? She is frustrated, unhappy, and unsatisfied with her life.

For the last ten years all she did is to work hard and support her family. No more.

She packed some clothes and wrote a note to her husband:


 I'm not happy in my life. I don't want to live like a doll anymore. For ten years I have been your doll, the society's doll, my family's doll, but no more. I'm going to fulfill myself and give a little point to my poor life.

Your children's mother"


The End

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