Alison's Dream- Little Parchment Lie

 Alison looked up from her picture book. "The End," she said and smiled to all the children and their parents. There was bit of applause and when it settled down, she got up to collect her stuff. Alison's series of children's adventure books had become popular just recently and she had been called to read for all of the local libraries. Alison willingly accepted, thankful for the volunteer work and that her books had become such a success.

            "That was a great story," a father complimented her after she put on her coat. "I love reading my children your books as bedtime stories."

            Alison smiled. "Thank you."

            "I was also wondering if the material you used for the sail on the boat actually came from a sail," he asked, referring to the pictures Alison created herself. She looked down to the man's son who stared at her expectantly.

            "Yes," she lied, enjoying the look of joy on the boys face. As the boy and the father went away, Alison flipped to the page where she had cut out a piece of parchment to use for the sail. It was a bad lie, but at least it made the boy happy.


            Alison woke up in the morning with sunlight streaming down on her face. She had overslept again. Looking to her clock she realized it was already eleven in the morning. Alison groaned a little to herself and rolled back into a more comfortable position, closing her eyes. Before falling back into the wonderful euphoria of sleep, she wondered briefly how the story in her dream ended.



The End

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