Alison's Dream- The Submarine-bus of Barcelona

This was my dream last night (plus some embellishment). I thought it deserved to be written down.
There was more to the dream, but I can't remember most of it.

Alison watched from the shores of Barcelona as people struggled to run from the Mediterranean waters and as far away from the shore as possible. Some screamed, many did not. The Spaniards were simply shocked at the sudden appearance of a bus-shaped submarine, crawling, it seemed, out of the water. Eventually its boxy frame appeared fully out of the ocean only a dozen meters from where the waves crashed into the white sand. Alison had only expected it.

            With a four hour layover till her plane to Nairobi arrived, Alison decided to do some sightseeing. Despite the fact that there were many architectural masterpieces dotting the city, including the famous catholic church, Sagrada Familia, Alison felt that she needed to relax at the beach. Besides, she had already seen plenty of cathedrals before and decided they were all the same: too beautiful for their own good. The beach was beautiful in interpretation, and that's just what she needed. She needed random beauty, not something constructed for the purpose of beauty. Lucky for her, Bradley had come with a surprise.

            Alison smiled as people poured out of the submarine-bus and began swimming to the shore, laughing exuberantly. Just as she expected, Bradley was the last peek his head out of the door, waving to Alison on the shore. She waved back and considered joining him out in the beautiful Mediterranean ocean, even with all of her traveling clothes on. She decided against it and waited for Bradley to come to her, dripping wet with a ridiculous smile on his face.

            After exchanging pleasantries, Bradley finally had the guts to ask what was on his mind. "Would you like to join me at the Barcelona Ball?" he asked as he wrung out some water from his shirt. "It's tonight at eight, and I have a dress if you need one."

            Alison was flattered but she really did need to catch her flight to Nairobi. "I'm sorry," she explained. "I have a flight to catch soon. I should actually start heading back to the airport now."

            Bradley waved this excuse to the side. "No matter, I can buy you another ticket. I can't go to this ball without a partner though, so I really do wish you would join me."

            Alison was surprised at Bradley's sudden wealth and formality. "Well if that's the case," she reasoned. "I suppose then I'll have to come."

            Bradley's smile widened into something even more ridiculous. However his smile soon vanished as if he saw something terrifying over the corner of her shoulder. Alison looked back to see what he saw, but she saw nothing but the  ocean and three men off at a distance, staring at them.

            "Who are they?" she asked.

            Bradley only shook his head and started walking away. "I don't know, but I should get changed into something a little more dry." Alison followed, finding it hard to keep up with his brisk pace.


The End

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