This is just random poems I made up or wrote earlier! Everyone else is welcome to add to this collection of poems!


Bunnies come and go,

Looking for shelter,

Looking for warmth,

Looking for hope,

That they find a home,

Some want to be adopted,

Some don't,

All enter one house,

It's very warm and comfy,

They all stay,

But never fight,

For they all love each other,

Because they're all family,

A lonely old lady lives in the home the bunnies have chosen,

She is happy they came,

She feeds them,

And loves them all,

The lady cuddles them all so they are never lonely,

One day the lady goes for a walk,

The bunnies ask if they can go,

The lady is amazed that they can talk!

She lets them all come as long as they stay close to her,

She buys fifteen bags of bunny food and then twenty dinners she can heat,

In the oven so she doesn't have to be far from her bunnies,

She put on music one day,

The bunnies danced around all day,

Then she stayed in bed all day one day,

The bunnies were curious about her,

They asked "What's wrong, Mommy?",

She said she was sick,

They said "Don't worry, we'll take care of you.",

They asked a doctor to come look at the old lady,

When he got there he asked who was sick,

the bunnies all answered "Our mommy is staying in bed and she's usually out here with us."

The doctor ran up to her room and figured out what was wrong.

She had the flu,

He told the bunnies how to take care of her,

In two days she was feeling better then ever.

The bunnies gave her as much love as she had given them.

She never got sick again as long as she lived,

Which was one hundred and ten years old.

As I said in the beginning:

Bunnies come and go.

The meaning of this poem is that no matter where you go or what you do if someone loves you as much as the lady loved the bunnies and the bunnies loved her, love never goes away.Even if that person dies they still love you.the lady in my poem resembles my Grandmother who has been dead since 2003.I miss her everyday, but I don't let that stop me from living my life.Who does the lady resemble in your life?

The End

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