KP clash!Mature

I went downstairs and make a bacon and tomato sandwich for lunch. (i had had cornflakes earlier!) I found another note from Mum and Dad, saying they had gone for a day out together. Once I had finshed my sandwich, I went to the beach. ( we live near the seaside) I saw Eric there, once i had found a spot to sunbathe in and started blushing.

I grabed a book near by and  prenteded to read whilst my sun hat covered some of my face. I started dreaming as i prenteded to read.

" Me and Dream boy went through a portal and made our own world. There were fruit trees, chcolate trees, Milk trees and trees which had rainbow- coloured fruit that looked similar to a pear but juicier and full of different flavours. We put Sprites,a and anime people in it. We decided to call the place 'love imagining land'(or Imagnie land for short) because what you imagine in this world becomes real there."

I wake up from my day dream and look straight into Eric's eyes. Dream boy, someone whispered softly, only in my ears. Dream boy.

Does Eric have a connection with dream boy, i thought. I'll find out later. Eric walks me home andwatchs me cook dinner since, this time got a text from Mum and Dad that they're staying in a hotel for 2 weeks.

We watched a romance flim and Eric put his arm around me. I liked it but I missed Dream boy. I was lost in thought for half the movie anyway.

I then headed up to bed, allready knowing that Eric was sliently following me to my room. He hide in my closet, once i had turn the light off and tiptoed in to bed next to me.

when we were both asleep, a girl with brown long hair, green eyes and plae skin arrived and hide in the closet. KP.

Kim possible, someone whispers while we're asleep.

The End

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