Similer or the sameMature

I looked at my sketch of  Dream boy and my picture of Eric. There was one thing they had in common. Their eyes.

I thought about it for a moment and decided i was just see things.

I checked the two pictures carefully again and then went back to sleep.

"We contiued our Quest and headed towards the gaint mountain valley. Once we had passed through it, we saw a book village and slept over in the Inn there. We met a girl called Daisy, with brown long sparkly hair, pale skin and bright purple-blue eyes; She told us to go to Jewel city, Find the jewel holders and ribbion poles, take them to Jewelribbion moutain and place the jewels and ribbions there. We take Daisy with us as our guide to get there.


Earlier that day, when we were looking for the ribbions and jewels,  i found mine by a lake, Nat found her's in a meadow, Sonia found her's near by warm ground,  Dream boy found his near a mermory tree 'n' by a tree with pants on its branches, Kiki found hers by a calm flowing river and roxas found his near a dark forest which we didn't cross.

Daisy  took us to Ice city first to get transported and take us to Jewel city. I somehow get home and play the playstation with the webcam from my laptop pointing at me.The i realise my friends are in there.  (My friends are about to be attacked  in my laptop.) So I run towards it and go in.

We were   about to be attacked, when Luchia and Lilly appeared in front of us and sang to protect us.

After it was over, whoever it was who tried to attack us disappeared.  We thanked Luchia and Lilly and asked them to come with us. They agreed. Lilly was Luchia's Daugther but her friends Hanon and Rina come with us too! Then we arrive at Ice city and a girl (Maria)who turns things to ice is waiting for us. We all charge at her while Luchia, Rina,Hanon and Lilly are singing. The singing doesn't affect us but it affects her allright. When we  finally found Ice city, We climbed up the Moutain. Once we were at the top, each of us tied the ribbions to the poles. Then at the same time, We all put the poles in to the holes on the moutain. After that we all put the music jewels in the slots they're ment to be in. All of a sudded, a giant beam of light fall on us and everyone on the bottom of the mountain waves at us. we wave back, then disappear from Dreamland and reappear in the real world.

I appear in my bed, Kiki, Nat and 'Roxas' are at the end of the bed looking at me. Everyone else is inside my head but magicaly appear next to kiki, Nat and 'Roxas'. We all put our hands on top of each other, then raise our hands while shouting "Team Fantasy!". I run downstairs with my friends following behind me. Then I open the door and who do I see staring at me? My Dream boy!!!!!  I hug and kiss him! He gave me a present to remener all this and him. it was a lucky charm bracelet with everyone on it!"

I wake up and smile widely. Even if that last bit of my dream doesn't happend in real life now, i know that my dream boy will allways bed with me in my heart forever and thats all that counts.

The End

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