My Dream boy in personMature

I stared at Eric for a few moments. watching him while he stared back ao this wasn't a dream?

It was real. Eric was really here, standing in the Kichen.

Once I had thought in through, I ran up to him and hugged him.

He hugged me back.

He was warm and I could smell his honey, cream scent again from when i had met him.

I fell asleep while i was still hugging him.

"I saw Dream boy again and arrived on the street near home.

Everyone was asleep and it was just me and him together.

I held his hand and kissed him.

My friends Kiki and Nat appeared and I told them  that I loved him!

I realise what Roxas meant earlier -about bring us to pokemonland-Bringing me to be alone for sometime with Dream boy.

I thank Roxas and He takes me, Dream boy and my friends to the sea but uder it in a glass thing. (Ealier before we go in the sea, i find my friends aruging about some thing and i manged to settle it down).

Then he gave us tails and got us out of the glass thing. I was half-dolphin like Sora from kingdom hearts and so was dream boy as roxas no idea what he was.

I did the dolphin kick like sora does in KH and held dream boy's hand.

We slid down a rainbow and went to look music jewels and emotion ribbons.

Everyone else looked for them while, Me and dream boy went for a walk.

We found two ribbions and jewels along our walk.(I found the pink ribbion because I was in love with dream boy and I also found a pink music jewel. dream boy found a Purple ribbion and jewel because he wa embarrased by something.)

I said good bye to everyone and went to sleep."

It was my birth day the next morning and i was excited because I wanted to see Eric again.( I also was hoping to find a present from dream boy down stair too)

I ran down stairs and no one was up everyone was still asleep.

I went back to bed and grabbed a book to read.

i was a little disapointed that no one was down stair but after looking at the time relised how early i had rised.

I then started sketched Dream boy and put posters of him almost all over my room.

I think i was getting obessive.

But then again i wasn't thinking straight.

all I could think about was  him.


The End

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