alone againMature

the burden of lonely heart is never an easy thing to bear. i woke up alone in my bed that felt so big with only me in it. 

that boy. the one i had seen last night. was he real?! no, it must have been a dream. none of it seemed real. a boy i just met soming to see me at night?

i sighed at my disappointment and simply slipped on my slippers and headed down stairs. i climbed down slowly, still pondering over my dream. oh how i wished it true. if only there was someone like that out there for me...

i could still remember how he looked. his blonde hair that smelled of him. the blue-green eyes still bore into my heart. it just seemed too real to not believe it happened. 

i made my way to the kitchen hoping to hear my breakfast sizzling on a frying pan, but i was again disappointed. i simply found a note saying my parents would be out all day. "oh how fun today will be."

i poured myself a glass of orange juice as i got ready for some saturday morning cartoons, but when i closed the refrigerator door and turned around, i nearly screamed as i faced someone with familiar blond hair and blur-green eyes. 

"eric," i whispered.

The End

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