Realitiy or dreams?Mature

I woke up in to the real world, looking around the room and sighed.

I don't think i'll find a great cute boy like him in the real world, I thought.

I go out to the local bookshop and get myself manga books and anime dvds.

On the way back home, I bump in to a blonde haired boy with greenish blue eyes.

When I looked at his eyes, I suddely started feeling like I had seen him before.

The boy smiled at me and walked away slowly.

Then while my back was turned, he followed me home.

When I was in my room,He climbed up to me, a bit like Romeo and Juliet.

I was a bit shocked when i saw him.

I softly told him my name.

Then he silently told me his name:Eric.

Then I fell asleep.

He slept with me.

Then the next morning, he was gone.

The End

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