Notes,signs and more mysteryMature

I read the note over and over. My eyes widen as I read it again. He had left the sweets for me. My dream boy. somehow. I walked down stairs. I saw a arrow point to the front door. So i went outside. Then the signs led me to a flowery was all romantic. I saw a another note. I smiled. He loved me. He misses me and want me to come to him again. I hugged the boquet of flowers. I ran back home. I went to my room. I drew a picture of him and put him on my bedroom wall. I looked at him, smiled and went to sleep, still puzzled by the mystery.

"I woke up in my dream and found myself back in dreamland! I saw my dream boy and he somehow manged to get someone from the real world to send all the stuff he wanted me to have into the real world. He helped me sumon my keyblade. I'm was snowboarding down a snow mountain while fighting heartless(kh aka kingdom hearts baddies) . I  then appeared back home. Then I appeared in a libary which doesn't exist with girls and a teacher that don't exist either. I found my friend Kiki in it. I held her hand and it felt real. I wanted to show he my manga journal which i found in the mail but i didn't have it. Later on I was reading a book when the libary suddley started closing for the day without warning. When I was crossing the road with children and a teacher i didn't know, two girls forgot to cross with us and almost got killed but somehow didn't die. I found Kiki again with Nat and we ended up in pokeworld.(pokemon) We met Ash, a boy with black spike hair and red hat, with Pikachu, a mouse-like creature, yellow,red cheeks,black ended yellow ears with a thunderblot tail, an electric- type pokemon allowed us to stroke him. He felt furry just like my pal Pixie. (or "Pix" as i like to call her for short.) I asked Roxas why he brough us here. He said " you'll see once you get back" in to the wind as though he wasn't there at all! I wondered for a bit. Then we appear in my room. I said goodnight to my friends and went to sleep."

The End

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