dream boyMature

I toke myself to school sleepily. i manged to get through the day, even though i desperate go home and sleep. when I finally got home, i went straight up stairs and in to bed. " I saw a boy. He had brown spiky hair, bright blue eyes, a pale face and a lovliy smile. In reality, he's got brown flat hair, normal blue eyes and normal pale skin.  He's my dream boy i imagine during school hours and now i meet him in my dreams. He takes me to a strange library i'd never seen before. I saw my best friend Kiki there. I held her hand and it felt real. I was reading a book i had found when for some reson it was closing up the day. He then toke me snowborading, I had to fight heartless down the moutain. I found Kiki again with Nat and take them through a portal. We see dream boy and real him standing next to each other. I tell the real life boy to merge with dream boy. We then hold hands, sit together looking at the stars...." I woke up suddenly to see a bowl of blackberry, rasberry, strawberry, orange, plum, grape, apple, lime, lemon and summer berries on my bedside. There was a note attached to it. It said:

Hope you like the sweets! (they might be magic!) Enjoy!Can't wait to see you in real life soon! (watch for me) Sxx

I smiled when i read it, i knew instandly who had sent them to me, my dream boy!

I decided to keep him a secret too, I also decieded to give him a name.

The End

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