The Man in BlackMature

I woke from my dream in question. there was confusion written all over my face along with horror and astonishment.

the man in the black. his face. his lingering aroma. i will never forget.

i laid there for another 5 minutes. waiting for reality to kick in, but  finally sat up in bed and just stared out at my window at the rising sun.

getting up, i stretched my body out and walked downstairs to get breakfast. the smell of food cooking was in the air as i breathed it in. 

i sat in my seat as my mother came to me with a bowl of my favorite cereal and set the milk in front of me.

"thanks mom," i said not really expecting an answer.

my father sat across from me and my sister next to him. my sister was doing her homework, last second of course, and yet still making all A's surprisingly, while i study super hard and am barley passing. what has this world turned into?

my father was just sitting there, being calm and drinking his morning coffee on his computer looking at the news.

this was my family and its daily morning routines. i decided to keep the dream to myself, along with my fright, and obviously, the man in black. no one could know about it. i dont knoow why, but no one could know.

The End

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