"Wretched souls pounding at Hell's gate....

it is I who hold the key!"

-Yggdra Union


The Boy gazed at Byron with a shocked expression.  Seria, who was watching this closely, could've sworn that she saw a fleeting look of panic flash through his face, before disappearing just as quickly.

And suddenly, The Boy burst into laughter.  Laughter that seemed to come easily despite the tense moment of silence.  He straightened and gave Byron a flick on his arm.

"Silly prince!  I'm me.  You don't need to know anything else, do you?" he asked, his voice light and joking.

Byron continued staring at The Boy for a few more seconds before he gave up and turned to Seria.

"Have fun learning how to slay dragons once you start school, little one!" he called to her, then turned to go.

"But I've already been to school," she replied before she realized what she was saying.  Byron stopped in his tracks and turned to look back at her.  His mouth dropped open in surprise.

The Boy was giving her a stricken look as well.  She was too overwhelmed by these memories that were hers, but not hers.


Children in the schoolyard everywhere.  She had brought her favorite book of fairytales just in case she had nothing to do.

But she hadn't needed it.  Making friends had been easy for her, because the other children shared her love of the stories that seemed to come alive from words on a page.


She wasn't a little child, no, she had gone to elementary school.  Then why was she...a kid?

Seria looked down at herself.

"Wh-what?" she realized then why Byron and The Boy still had their focus fixed on her.

She had grown.  To the body of a ten-year old.

The End

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