Dreamless, Chapter III.Mature

Her small steps are quiet in the mist. Behind her bare feet luscious green roads erupt. Leafs mingle within her golden hairs, dancing in unison with her black dress, carried by a wind that should not exist. Her blue eyes pierce the vale of emptiness. She is a dreamer, a god of a world where reality is but fiction.

 They meet upon a graveyard of fallen souls. There she finds the tyrant upon his throne of bone. There the light explodes and the darkness implodes. There life and death clash and within their disharmony a world of madness is unleashed.

 Thousands of crows tear a golden lion apart, only to be obliterated by the dragon’s holy flames. The darkness spreads and swirls forming a giant mouth. Its foul teeth pierce the dragon’s scales. A halo explodes upon her hairs, banishing the darkness.

 Yet it returns relentless and unforgiving. The golden flames are suffocated and extinguished. Black chains spring from the earth, lock her hands and feet, rupture her stomach and lacerate her spine. Her body crumbles.

 His fingers clench her throat. He raises her mutilated corpus, higher and higher as the chains become heavier with each breath she struggles to take. Tears trickle down her face. An empty smile appears upon his dead lips.

 A tear drops on his hand. His eyes widen, the smile fades. His corpse decays, as his dream changes into his greatest fear. Innocence cleanses the wicked. 

The End

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