The awaking call

"Ruffus!Get off!" Her hand had never reached the alarm button that was now sending this piercing sound to her eardrums.She need it to reach that button or she was going to break the dam clock!

"Ruffus,get down from there!" Talking to a cat,one finds with time is as useful as trying to get them to answer back.It is not going to happen,so get over it!

Yet every morning this same strange ritual occured  in her bedroom in her flat on Monsoon Street.

She blamed herself from being vulnerable when coming home from one long weekend after a Bank Holiday and the listening of her mother nagging that she was no young bird and she should find herself a nice fellow,settle down,give her some grandkids.

And still feeling low about turning thirty with no showing of Prince charming in her life ,she had stopped at the local RSPCA  instead.

Maybe adopting a pet would make her biological clock stop ticking!

In any case it would be good to come home to another living being,or so she thought!

Ruffus turned out to be the pet from hell!

Convinced he was to be treated as a human being he made her home his own as soon as he enter(ran),into her flat.And her misery/no more lonely live had ceased to exist.

She almost looked back to her pre-existing Ruffus days as a blessing,but then he would clime onto her lap in the late hours of the day when she was sitting in front of the telly with the news on,the sounf loud enought to be heard but not blasting that his  purrs of satisfaction weren`t heard when  being scratched behind  his greys ears.

Sometimes she almost forgave him for this morning ritual,sometimes!

Finally reaching out,managing to avoid the tail in her path she reached the button and silenced was once heard until the purring started.

"Ruffus,could you not find another way to wake me up ?"

Happy he had got her attention he laid next to her face and started to clean himself.Her left eye open just enought to see his pink tongue busy smoothing out his flank.

Her head resting still on the pillow,her eyes where once again closed when she said to no-one in particular.

" I blame my mother!"

Ruffus just continued his bath.

The End

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