In this world some people have another sense of justice.
To those we call vigilantes and other heros,I say be aware of what you wish for.
She has arrived...

In the absence of silence she created music in lyrics that only she could hear.The feeling of ones opressed chest by anger and other violent emotions where very real in here,where only she existed.

The tumping of her own heart prevented her from realising she no longer was alone,at least not in awareness!

The curtain had been drawn close to shed the remaining light of the day away.The footsteps aproached the besite and stopped short od where  her resting face laid.

Not one sound was heard in the room apart from her slow breathing stating she was still asleep.

Facing the unknown,unaware that she was being watched.

Trapped inside her own dreams.If you could call them that !

Inside herself,she sat at the top of the cliff at the near end almost falling from the edge in constant peril ,she sat unafraid and she sang to no-one.

To the wind.

She sang of victory of unmovable forces.

And the voice ecoed in this silenced world.She was safe here.

The alarm clock woke her up,clearly another morning had arrived.

Her hand raised to stop the alarm,a hand that  never reached the button.

The End

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