His short black hair stood out against the sea-blue eyes. His skin the perfect shade of pale. He was wearing the uniform but he was terrifyingly beautiful. I wasn't sure what to do. He looked perfect but I knew there was something hidden on he inside.
"Wow. Close your mouth! I see you already called dibbs." Shaylee teased

"It's not that" I replied

But he was making his way towards us since we were the only other people there. OH CRAP. he was coming directly to us.

"Hey" he said in a deep smooth voice

"hi, so your new right?" Shaylee asked

"yup, first time in boarding school. Wasn't really expecting to come here, it just happened"

"Don't worry, the same thing happened with both of us. So what's your name?" I inquired

He looked my in the eyes which I had to admit made my heart go a little faster than usual and replied.

"Ezriel Skye"

Just then the guys in our form came in and sat down at the table close to ours.

"Well those are the guys in our form, I think it would be best if you went and introduced yourself to them" I announced bluntly

He stared at me a little shocked. I guess he wasn't used to girls ignoring his lean, muscular form. None the less he turned around and walked away towards the other table.

"Why did you do that Samantha?" Shaylee demanded

"Just because. He is supposed to be with other guys not us and something about him isn't right. It isn't normal."

"alright but youmight have bown your only chance with him"

"I know"

Classes went fast except for the fact that Ezriel was in every one of my classes. Having girls giggle over him was sickening but not even I was sure why I found it sickening. Walking over to where Shaylee and I usually sat for lunch. I saw Ezriel at our table all alone. I quickly scanned the courtyard and there were no other tables. I had to go there.

The End

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