There is only one other person who knows of my secret and that is my best friend. Her name is Shaylee Titania.We both go to boarding school in a rural place in England. Honestly, we don't even know where this place is because most of us are orphans that just got snatched up and taken here. None of us are quite sure why we were taken but we don't mind this place. Anyway once we turn 18 they tell us why they took us. There are some people that have had their parents send them here but no one really believes that a bunch of us are stolen kids. I mean who would believe that people could get away with stealing about 200 kids?

The boarding school is called the mist cloud highschool and is surrounded by forests. These forests aren't normal though, I mean kids have tried to run away before but there are things in these forests. That come out at night. We are forbidden from the forests after curfew because of this and every kid who goes in never gets heard of again. People have claimed to hear voices of some of the people who have gone into the forests, but everyone just thinks it is the way people deal with the dissappearances.

Well it was a new year of school and Shaylee and I were walking to form, we were both wearing our plaid school skirts, that were supposed to reach the knee, rolled up to mid-thigh. This went along with our white school shirts and blazers with the little school symbol of a cloud. People in this school didn't really care about uniform until the inspectors came to look at the school. Shaylee and I walked in to form room and looked around for any new kids, they always had a bunch of new ones each year. The problem was that nobody was here. We were too early. We went to take the seats right at the back of the class room that were half facing the entrance.

"You had those dreams again last night didn't you?" asked Shaylee

"Yeah Shay, they are awful, I don't evenknow what they are trying to tell me! I don't even know who is sending me dreams, and now they are becoming slightly different" I replied


"Well theres the crea-"

Suddenly the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. My jaw dropped. It was him. The one I had been dreaming about.

The End

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