Chapter 1

They were crawling everywhere. Growing larger through eating their own kind. Hearing the crunching as their outer skeletons were broken. There were thousands of scorpions and spiders crawling between each other. And I was watching them. I had to. These dreams were always a form of communication to me that was sent either from the underworld, the place of perfection or the souls left behind on earth. You know you have your deep dark secret? Well this is mine.

                My name is Samantha Corpsgreen and I have to keep my secret safe; otherwise I would be ridiculed in this society. You must be what everyone else is and if you are not, then you are an outcast. To survive you must be normal. People can be so cruel. This is why my secret should stay hidden, my secret about being a dreamjumper. This is what I call it anyway; some people might say it is being a medium but no medium communicates to the afterlife in dreams especially not the underworld.

                The society has forgotten their faiths, their religion, and their hopes. They believe that this makes them stronger but ignorance is a weakness. They do not know what causes them to feel guilt, jealousy or anger. More and more are being dragged to the deepest pits of the underworld and they are making an army. An indestructible army. I have seen only a few parts of the underworld but it’s not what people think it is. It’s so much worse.  It has every religions demon leader. They combine together whenever they must.

The End

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