Who is Maqueos?

"Good morning children" replied Miss Odette.

"Good morning" these last replied in return.

"As you know children, your final exams are coming up, yet this year I thought of something a little different for your english/literary subject. However, let me first present the idea, and then we can proceed to a vote. I was thinking, that as your final assignment for such subject, each of you would write a report on a figure or individual you personally create. But, you have to set your figure in an historical background or at least have some historic association as to the life of such figure. In addition when writing, take into account, all the things I have taught you thus far in terms of academic writing. So tell me how does that sound?"

Jacob's face lit up like the sun when it awakens each morning. English/literary was the class he was currently failing, yet he knew of his advantage, which was that of possessing a wild imagination and pretty good writing skills despite his failing the class thus far.

All of the children agreed.

"So" continued Miss Odette.."then due to that all of you have agreed, whatever grade you earn on such report will be your final grade for this subject, hence meaning no exam will be required.

Even better, thought Jacob. Not only did Miss Odette give him a chance to let loose his imagination, but a chance to finally pass that dreaded subject he was failing.

Though he was content with the final assignment, Jacob tried, tried, and tried to come up the whole day with a figure or at least an idea for his report.  He had even isolated himself from his friends during recess, to sit alone under the big oak tree in order to come up with something.

"Hey Jacob" said Matthew.

"Hi Matt", he replied in return.

"What's wrong Jay, you look a bit worried, does this have to do with the report, come on you'll know you'll pass. I know better than anyone you're not stupid, you're just lazy and procratinate beyond the average".

"Nice pep talk Matt".

"I tried. So Jay what's wrong?"

"Well Mat, this morning when Miss Odette told us about this, I thought I had it all covered. But the more I think of it, I come up with nothing. What are you going to do?"

As usual, Matthew had already started on the report. Jacob knew he was always the first one to complete homework. Where as Jacob left it to the last minute, Matt would finish it the very same day the teacher gave them the assignment. Despite that, he still liked him, since he had memory, Jacob could recall that Matt had always been there, helping him cope with everything. Truly Matt was his best friend.

"Well" said Matt. " I have several ideas,  like creating a modern superhero, who accidentally gets sent back to the time of the Roman Empire. Another idea, was that of creating an evil queen  who lived in various time periods, plus she would also be responsible for the downfall of many empires through out the world. Though my favorite idea is that of creating a monster, who resides in the Mayan Empire. He is then captured by a Spaniard, who eventually uses him to bring about the downfall of the Mayans."

"That's a pretty good start Matt."

"Well if you were being sincere, thanks, and if not, at least it's a start unlike others I know".

"Come on man, I really meant it."

"Putting that aside Matt. I wanted to tell you about a freaky dream that I have been having over the past days."

"How freaky Jay, freaky suck, or freaky sick, or freaky scary? said Matt."

"All three. It's because it starts oh, as a lovely dream, then suddenly I'm at a circus, where there are four legged people, two faced babies,  and akward limbs growing out of domestic animals. Then at the end I always come across, this big black dragon, who is supposively my father."

"Does the dragon have a name Jay?"

"Yeah its somehting like Machiavelli, ummmm.......what was it, Macua, no...hmm Maqueos, yeah that's it."

"Are you sure its Maqueos? Are you sure?"

"Yeah Matt, positive".

The End

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