Dreaming on cloud 7

"Welcome to the world of Lascia, where all your dreams come true. Come little boy, and the door shall open. Speak and all thy dreams will be true". Then a clown's face turned evil, a beautiful enchanter became ugly, and his father the worst of them all, became the poweful dragon, Maqueos.

"Wake up Jacob", cried Anne, the young boy's nanny. "Hurry up, today is the last week of school". "Oh Anne" said Jacob, " you are always in a hurry to get me out of the house".  "Jacob must you be so unfair, you do know I would love to spend the day with you, but the house chores are all a part of my responsibilities." "I'm sorry Anne, perhaps you're right, at least school is much better than living in a mansion when you're an orphan". "Nonsense, Jacob Williams how dare you say such thing when you're parents are splendid and love you so much". Jacob slowly began to come out of his bed, when before entering the bathroom, cried out to "Anne, if they loved me so, why do they always leave me alone and simple send expensive gifts to make up for their absence. I hope they die for neglecting me, and never being around when I truly need them".  As he arrived at school, Jacob  reflected on that perhaps he was a little too bitter with the adults in his life, especially with his parents. The only adults in his life whom he truly cared about were his servants and lovely teacher, Miss Odette.  Whenever she came to mind, Jacob thought of her with such tenderness one would either think she was his mother, or another girl of his age whom he had a huge crush on. Yet ironically, she was simply his homeroom teacher. With such thoughts of her, Jacob immediately said goodbye to his driver, and ran to class. For sure, Miss Odette's angel face would lighten up his mood. And there he found her, as glorious and radiant than ever.

The End

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