Somebody's Been Looking Out For MeMature

May 15

Somebody’s been looking out for me. At Benny’s I can check my email. Its Mostly lame chain letters from kids I knew back in school, but at least they didn’t delete me from their stupid lists. I was jus going about my bisnez, thinking about how you culd barely see the bunny anymore, it was so over growed. Anyway, this email from santigold69@hotmail was already a week old by time I got to it.

I only knowed it wasn’t spam cuz it said my name. Other than that just, “I thought you oughtta see this” and a link with a password.

It took me to a porn site. The login was buryed under a hella big pile of pop-up ads, but underneathe all that, the password werked jus fine.

My hands was sweating and I swallowed and my heart was beating so fast as the screen loaded and I reckanized the fake wood walls and then I seen the big brown couch at the Bunny House. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The thing I ain’t tole you diary is that in all that time since I been hanging out at the Bunny House, I maded a lot more videos. A lot more. It got sorta routine, acshully. Show up, pizza eaten, dress up, dress down, get eatin.

Eatin and other stuff too.

It was the video of me and Charlie, that first day when he put the porn in. I looked like a total idiot. The video is like four months old now, but even still I can’t believe what a kid I was back then. I forgotted that I was wearing that stupid cat ears and wiskers painted on my face. It made me look even younger. And for most of it on the video was a kid’s show in the background, turned out to be Blues Clues. I couldn’t decide if I was more embarrassed that I was in a porn or that I looked so lame.

I’m not a idiot. I’d figured out that these was working girls. They was kinda like family. They took me in, gave me BJs, fed me pizza. And me, I’m just a kid w/no where to go and nothing to offer to nobody. Cant even finish writing a stupid story.

WTF was I sposed to do after that? I wanted to punch Charlie, and prolly woulda if he’d been around. I knowed him and Bina was hiding some scam under all those clever looks they kept giving each other. I went right upstairs, and I narced Charlie out to Benny.

Benny only thanked me for bringing this to his attenshun (his words), and didn’t say nothing else, just looked real severe and got on his cell and sent a text.

Charlie swings by, not for a second acting worried so Benny’s message musta been short on details.

Benny left for a bit, so when Charlie came he had to wait around. Charlie aksed me what was up and a course I didn tell him shit. Everybody was real quiet, except the dogs. There was some of the younger girls in the house but nobody was friendly or even talked to us or nothing and Charlie had this whispered convasation in the kitchen with a lady everybody calls Sadie even though she tole me her name is Tina. When Benny is mad everyone kinda sits around and waits to see what they could do to help him be less mad, even if he wasn't even home. We waited around for him and we didn't play games or talk or do nothing. We just waited.

We heard two cars screech up, Benny's Lexus and the Dogs in the black SUV. They rushed in like a pack, with Benny at the head, the Dogs behin him and the dogs barking behin them. We was sitting on this fancy seat facing next to a big vase with peacock feathers in it, and I was wondering how any dude culd actually pay money to stick a bunch of giant feathers there first thing when people walk in the door, which I was only thinking of on account of how bored I was.

Anyway, Benny snapped his finger and motioned for Charlie to follow him. They went into one a the bedrooms and even before a word was said Benny hit him good. Then he started yelling, the words was squashed but everyone knew whoose voice was whoose.

About that time Charlie started yelling too and then there was the sounda stuff breaking.

Sadie rolled her eyes and went into one of the bedrooms and close the door. I didnt wanna stand by the door but it was still pretty loud in the kitchen. At least I culdnt as much hear the dogs barking. Bina was there, trying to reach the Baileys on the top shelf. I helped her get it down. I hearded Charlie yell, As if you didn’t do the same to Bina. And Bina and me matched eyes for a second but we didnt say nothing.

I’m all: So…….? But I culdnt really make conversayshun cuz I was trying to hear what they was saying. Benny and his fists was saying most of it.

I aksed her how many people lived in the house and she said it was her and Sadie (now that Charlie moved out) Carla and a course Benny. I aksed her which room was Benny's room and she said they was all Benny's rooms.

She putted the Baileys in the mug thas shaped like a kitty, and she added a little milk to it.

I aksed her if him and Charlie fighted a lot and she shook her head and rubbed her wrists and said no, but him and Sadie fight sometimes. Broke two a her fingers last time.

The door opened and the room spitted Charlie out, like the room thought he was too bloody and snotty to stay in it. Charlie got up from the floor where he had fell, and wiped the blood from his nose onto his sleeve. He patted his hair down but since it had gel in it it was sticking every which way . He said, Benny wants to talk to you.

Bina whispered Hey Charlie, later I'll brush your hair. And he told her thanks.

Is he coming out here? I aksed him.

And he called me a retard and motioned to the room that jus ejected him. I felt like it was burping at me with pointy teeth, you know? I swallowed a couple a times and Charlie opened his not swollen eye up real big like as if to say, GO.

So I went and sat down in there. It was the same room with the white girly furniture. He aksed me how I felt and I aksed him if Charlie was gonna be okay and he told me not to worry about Charlie. He didn't say it mad-like, jus like Charlie was nothing to worry about. Bina tole him I liked that they has video games so he gonna have Sadie take me to the store and get me some games tomorrow. He said I should let him know if there was anything I needed and he would take care of it. I was thinking that we could probably use some band-Aids but I wasn't about to say so.

The End

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