Like The Carnival, Or WhateverMature

Charlie kep quiet after that, I think he looked at me once, but I can’t be sure cuz I sure as heck didn’t look at him. The only sound in the room was nasty noises coming from the hairy dude on the TV and his loud lady. Can’t say how long we sat there sunk deep into that long brown couch and our dicks in our hands, prolly not as long as it seemed cuz I kep getting nervous.

So I looked up at Bina to see if she was freaking out or what and I couldn’t even believe she had that camra out and was video taping us being nasty. I jumped up then, I was gonna grab that recorder right outta her hands, but I was wearing my dad’s old pants and they were too big for me so they fell down around my ankles and I tripped on them. Bina started laffing then but the second she saw me get up was the first time I saw her not bored or laffing, her eyes got big and she ran up the stairs, so fast she about left behind her freckles.

I tried to run after her but kep tripping over my pants, til finally I was free of them and I pulled my underwear up and ran to the stairs but jus then Charlie grabbed me by the arm. He tole me to think for a sec, treating me like I was too stoned to think straight. He figured if she was filming, she must want to watch it later, which means she prolly likes me, right? But I was all, So what and who said I even like her anyway.

He acted like he knowed I was virgin from that, cuz all girls got the same thing between their legs and once I got a bit a that I won’t never meet a girl I don’t like. And besides, what would the other girls think, if they came home and I was beating up on the youngest girl in the house? I wasn’t gonna beat her up a course, but I didn tell him that. I said they’d understand after I explained. Then he started to get on again about how the Bunny house was special, and people didn’t feel bad about sex and wasn’t insecure about their bodies and hippie shit like that.

So after telling me to chill, Charlie ran up the stairs to the bathroom where Bina was hiding and asked her for the camra and she opened the door and stuck her arm out, gave it to him like no big deal.

So back to today. We was down in the basement on the brown couch. I was telling Bina that I was going to get fat on account a all the pizza they always have and Carla was making me into her Ken doll again. She had me put on a pirate outfit they had in the garage.

Like I said, Carla is older than Charlie even. She’s big and loud but real nice and always does whatever Benny says. She’s half black and half Mexican and her hair is always flat and stiff. I don’t think she’s much pretty or anything. I wouldn’t a even thought a her like that at all, cuz she’s like old enuf to be a teacher.

So N-E-WAYz, I’m chowing on a breadstick and Charlie gives Bina this look like I dunno, like they’d decided something. And maybe Carla was in on it too, but she said, OK she wanted to do a line first. She was only gone a minute.

Next thing I know, Charlie has the porno in. I’m sitting on the other side of the brown couch, just watching the screen and trying to ignore the sound a Charlie oiling his stick.

Charlie finger for Carla to come over, and he made like he was shooting his finger guns at me and said, She’s all yers, cowboy. And it made me think a the wooden cowboy outside the roller coaster that said I wasn’t tall enuf to go on the ride. I was thinking that wasnt even that long ago, and mom and dad were still together and everything was normal.

Carla tole me to lean back and close my eyes and they'd be done before I knew it. Carla undid my pants. She said real loud into my ear that it was ok to think of whatever I wanted, to think of someone else, like a pretty girl, or think of going to the carnival, or whatever, and that I should just relax. Benny’s dogs was just outside a the room barking.

And for a while I thought about how strange it was that I was thinking of roller coasters and she said carnival but then the more she was doing stuff the more my heart started to beat fast and it felt like I was at the carnival, riding that ride. I don't know how else to describe it. I opened my eyes and Charlie had taken off the porn and they had put on some stupid kid cartoon. But Carla was right, it wasn't anything I wanted to think about, so I closed my eyes again. And that's when she started kissing me like mostly below my belly button if you know what I mean.

I started thinking about that girl, the day I met Charlie. There she was, walking thru the alley. I could still remember her red and yellow dress and her boots and her cell phone. And we was walking together, no, just near each other, and Charlie runs up and grabs her purse and she starts crying and before Charlie could get away I run up to him and punch him in the face a bunch of times til he lets go and runs away and then she’s still crying and I says don't worry, don't worry, don't worry, I'm so sorry, so so sorry and she starts kissing me. We kiss for a long time. We kiss and kiss till something rose up in me like a dragon and I knew what was happening.

There that wasn't so bad, she said, wiping her mouth. And I didn't say anything at all. I looked up then I saw Bina in the shadows, with the camra again. The second I got her eye, she ran. But this time I didn’t even go after her. I wish I had, but in the moment I couldn’t see the point.

The End

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