DOE 6-B: Buffy the Penis LayerMature

AUTHOR NOTE: this is right in the middle of a scene, if you just landed here you should probably read the last chapter before this one.

Charlie put on a porno then, Buffy the Penis Layer. Bina got up to get the bong. She acted impressed that I could smoke like a champ. Me and Bina are jus hitting the pipe over and over, talking and stuff, and I look over and Charlie has his thing out right in his hand. I was all WTF.

I didn’t wanna see his dick an I tole him so. Besides, there’s a lady in the room. They both laffed at that. Charlie was all, like you don’t yank it. Well I admit it’s a thing I’d recently figured out, now that dad was gone wasnt no one to stop me neither, but not having a house made it hard to find a place. Apparently here was Charlie not giving a dang who saw.

He didn’t look at me much after that, mostly drooling all over the boobs flopping on the screen, but he still egged me on. Got to thinking again of Jerry knocking me around after school, calling me a pussy, but was the brave thing to take out my thing, or not to take out my thing?

Bina was off to the side filing her nails and the lady on the TV was moaning. Bina scratched her hair and the whole thing moved so I tole her her hair was off. She didn’t seem to care. I tole Charlie Carla and Benny was gonna be back any minute. And what would he do then? But he said they wouldn’t care, they didn have hang ups, had a real healthy aditude about sex and all that. He even wished they would come home.

I thought of who else was in the house. There were the two really beefy guys who just sorta stood around and they reminded me of Benny's dogs, one in grey like the pit bull and one in black like the rotty. I didn care so much what they thought. I cared mosely about what Bina thought, even tho I didn know her at all. Maybe cuz she was my age and cuz she was always bored or laffing.

And she didn’t seem to care a bit about what Charlie was doing. And I thought maybe I was bein a pussy, or at least that’s what my thing was telling me. So I took it out.

The End

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