DOE 6-A: The Bunny HouseMature

April 20
Hey diary,

Charlie is always wanting to go to Bunny House but he never wants to stay there. He makes a big thing of catching the next to the last train, jus to be sure.
Charlie ain’t shut up all week about his awesome friend who's going to give us hook up, whatever that means.
It’s up in South Berkeley. I thought it would be a business but it was this guy Benny's house. I didn't undastand why they called it the Bunny House til we got there and even then Charlie had to point it out to me. The house was used by some Asian people as a daycare before Benny bought it and so there’s a giant bush in the front of the house in the shape of a bunny looking sideways. The body of the bunny was as big as the garage and its head and ears covered the little entry at the top of the stairs. Charlie told me the back yard had a chicken coop and a big concrete box for raising fish to eat. None of that stuff was used now, but he thought it was funny on account of how everybody knows Berkley people are rich and have lotsa fancy furniture and stuff but ha ha here they'd drop their kids off to run around in chicken poop all day.
Benny don't have a bunch of furniture. Way more than Charlie do but it's not like you'd expect cuz everyone knows Berkeley houses are spensive and fulla spensive furniture too. But NEway, the furniture was like you might get at Target and Benny gots a bunch of dogs. They're big and they have short shiny hair. They're mean but I like how Benny didn't even pretend they were nice; he said, Let me get my little monsters into the garage. And they obey him which is good I guess.
So about Benny. He's a pretty stylish dude. Like even though his furniture don't match and he has fugly dogs his clothes fit real well and they look like they cost a lotta money. And he's always on his phone, he even has it stuck to the side of his ear with one of those little ear thingies (which Charlie says makes him look like a dooshe but I'm not suppose to tell him he said that).
Benny has dark hair and he's real tan, even tanner than Charlie, like maybe even too tan. I wonder if he’s one a those people that pays for tans. I’d never spend money on a tan. I mean, sunshine is free, right?
TBH at first I was wondering why Charlie ever moved outta tha Bunny House. Is basikly a party evry night. There’s always pizza, or Benny shows up with a buncha Indian food. They got a room in the basement with a couch fills up the whole room, like a fat brown snake. And the snakes back is always covered in girls. Girls, girls, girls, a whole couch full, all older like Charlie. Like so old I can’t even believe they keep me around. Mostly they act like I’m their pet. So I tole them they can pet me whenever but they done take me serius at all.
They do pet me tho. Carla wants to be a hair stylist in the movies so she’s always trying to put make up on me. That night I met Bina she was brushing everones hair. I wasn’t even gonna talk about that night, the night I met Bina and Carla dressed me up like a cat. But I spose I hafta in order to get to what happened tonight.
Bina with the fake hair looked even more tired. The make-up around her eyes was smeared. She was so tiny, this girl. She asked me if I had a cigarette and Carla told her she knew she wasn't allowed to smoke and then Bina said, maybe that's why I want it.
Charlie and me was playing MarioKart while Bina tried to figure out a video camra that Charlie gave her and Carla was organizing her make up kit. Then Carla aksed me if she could paint me like from a musical she found on the Internet. I prolly wouldnta done it if I’da knowed it was gonna take so long but I admit I didn mind the petting. Bina was filming while Carla aksed me questions and tole me not to move.
Benny mosely is upstairs, staring at his laptop all serious, but ever now and then he comes down and has a beer. Even then he aks real serious, even when he’s making a joke. Thas how he rolls, jus sits off to the side, peeling the label offa his Natty Ice, til you forget he’s there and he throws a little joke out ninja comedyan style.
So Benny was heading back upstairs but Carla had been bugging him to get some coke, so they lef the house to go see Benny’s connecshun.
So then it was just me and Charlie and this girl Bina. Bina’s not much older than me.She was wearing tights and like a indoor bathing suit maybe a dancer would wear. I knew she was wearing a wig cuz she was mixed, like tan with super dark freckles, but her hair was mega blonde.
Then Bina jumped up and smiled. She said we had to have a drink to celebrate. Didn’t seem like there was much worth celebrating and she tole me she was sure it was going to be a good night for me, my night. I told her I don't drink and she told me I had to and I told her to make me.
She told me she was tempted to try but she figured even I could kick her ass. Believe it, I said. She brought me something and I spat it out because I tole her I didn’t want no alcohol.
I aksed her if she was a dancer and she laffed. Charlie got real serious and was all, of course she’s a dancer. She got drunk and put her feet in my lap. She was super tiny. She might be even younger than me but I only thought she was older cuz she acted like bored all the time. Her breath stank like Jack Daniel’s. I hate that fucking smell. She kept laffing and wouldn’t shut up about being a dancer.
I aksed her how old she was she jus shrugged. Which was stupid cuz she hadta know how old she was. She said she got so used to lying she couldn't remember—was she pretending to be younger or pretending to be older? It depended on the day. And also, did I have a cigarette? She did this thing where she rubbed her wrists like they were cold and it made me notice how little they was.

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The End

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