4-B Just Another Loser Like MeMature

April 4

Peeps at the soup kitchen gave me books. Ain’t got TV or none of that, think I miss my X-box more than dad, that peace of shit. If I didn’t have books think I’d loose my mind. This lady tole me to write about my life so I culd work on my letters.

Charlie's pretty smart and he teaches me lots but he doesn't like to read. So when I ran out of books I thought I'd go nuts I was so bored. Sometimes the bookstores leaves stuff out on the street but it's mostly crap—like How to Play Parcheesi or The Stupidest Wars of Poland, like you know?

It turns out Charlie don't even own this place. He's just another loser like me. He says the whole neighborhood's full of empty houses no one will buy on account of the economy, and that's why there's all these bull-dozers and stuff there. They never leave cuz they don't' have the money to finish building the houses. So I guess I'm not as homeless as before. I miss being in Oakland. Still it's nice having Charlie around and I think he feels the same, even if I am younger and don't know about girls and stuff. And it sucks not having electricity but it beats sleeping out on the street.This one lady whose trash I hit up always throws away books. They say BOUND GALLEYS on them. Some are interesting enuf. But lots of times there's comic books! It's great but it makes me sad that people throw away books, even stupid ones like Parcheesei of Poland.

Charlie's got some friend he's real excited for me to meet. He says he has a lot of work for us and I can make lots of money. Sometimes I don't think it's fair that I have to even think about that stuff like that and I wish I could go to school and be normal.



The End

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