Chapter 8Mature

Jay handed us each a phone. He handed Jack his home phone, Eva his own mobile phone and me my mobile phone. I had left my phone in my jeans pocket and he had obviously taken it out.

“Ring your parents!” He raised his voice, grinning as all the phones started beeping from us pressing the numbers at the same time. I looked through my contacts until I found my home number; of course I knew what it was, I just couldn’t be bothered to type it in! It rang for a while and I heard Jack next to me talking to his dad.

“So can you pick me up about... two?” He thought about the time. If he went home at two it would give him a few more hours with Jay. He had tried to say it quietly so I wouldn’t hear, but I did hear and when my second youngest sister picked up the phone, I knew I was going to say the same time.

“Hello?” My sisters voice was scared and shaky.

“Jazzy? It’s me.” I said smiling. I heard her fumbling around with the phone for a few moments before she spoke again.

“Hello.” She didn’t sound very impressed, especially when she sighed down the phone.

“Is Mom there? Or Bethany?” (I know I shouldn’t write it as “mom” as we are in England, but “mum” just looks really weird.) I heard her moving the phone again and there was a loud crash in my ear as what was probably Jazz dropping it.

“Hello?” Bethany’s voice came on the phone. “Who is it?” I could hear Jazz telling my twin sister it was me. “Oh, it’s you. Mom’s not here. What do you want?” She sighed, just as Jazz had done moments earlier. Why did no one in my family like me!?

“I’m walking home at two. Tell Mom when she gets back.” I said and hung up quickly, not wanting anymore of her horrible attitude. Sometimes Bethany could be nice, but usually, she wasn’t.

I held my phone in my hands for a moment and shook my head, grinning. Sisters.

“Going home at two, two and three.” Jay pointed to each of us saying the times we had confirmed. “And I was just wondering, Jack, could I talk to you for a moment in the kitchen... alone?” Jay and Jack disappeared from sight and hearing distance. Eva and I sat on the couch almost awkwardly.

“I’m staying later so I can ask him about you and Jack.” She said suddenly.

“What?” I said, confused. I turned to face her and cocked my head.

“I’m staying after you two have gone so I can ask him questions like if he's noticed Jack acting oddly and stuff.” She explained. I nodded understandingly. I was about to thank her when she shook her head. “Don’t bother saying thanks. I’m doing this for me too, you know. I like catching up on the gossip in our little foursome.” She chortled.

I held up my hand for a high-five with Eva and moments later Jay and Jack came back in. Jack looked rather dazed and furious at the same time. His whole face was red but his eyes were softly scanning the room out of focus like. I guessed I’d find out later why he was like that... and I did.

The End

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