Chapter 7Mature

I woke up the next morning feeling better than I had done the previous night. I blinked quickly a few times then remembered where I was. How could I have forgotten? I sat bolt upright as I remembered that Jay and Jack had been in the same bed. I looked over to the double bed but they had left it with the duvet on the floor next to me. I wanted to punch the mattress as I imagined the “alone time” Jay and Jack would be having together. I then remembered Eva was also at Jay’s house. I looked to where she had slept and she was also gone. This comforted me slightly as at least Jack couldn’t make a move with Eva watching them.

I flopped back onto the blow up mattress I was on and smiled as I bounced a little. I put my hands behind my head but the wafting smell of bacon coming into the room made me get up. I trudged down the creaking stairs slowly and bent down before I got to the bottom to get a better view of what was happening through the open kitchen door.

Jay was holding a pan of sizzling bacon and Jack was laughing beside him, criticizing his cooking skills jokily. Eva was pouring herself lemonade. I thought to myself how strange teenagers were. I mean, we drink fizzy drinks in the morning and more alcohol than we should... well, obviously I have never drunken alcohol... but I hear other teenagers drink lots...

“Look who it is!” Jay spotted me on the stairs. He beckoned for me to go to him and I obeyed. I stood next to him and I inhaled deeply, the smell was much nicer here. There was dense smoke fogging up the room from the bacon and I coughed then laughed as everyone else laughed. Eva was about to put the lemonade away when I stopped her.

“I would like some. Thanks for offering.” I said sarcastically, getting a glass out. She shut the fridge and poured me a drop in the bottom of the glass. I raised an eyebrow at her and she poured more in, giggling.

“Thank you.” I said, raising my voice slightly. I downed it and put the empty glass near the sink. I stood at the sink for a moment, watching Jack. He was going all googly eyed on Jay and I didn’t like it. Surely Jay must have noticed something by now. I shook off the thoughts about Jack and focused on Jay. For a guy, his hands moved quite nicely as he flipped and moved the bacon in the pan.

“When are you guys leaving?” Jay said, looking around causing the pan to lean dangerously to one side, threatening to throw the bacon out. I grabbed his hand and made him put the pan back onto the stove. 

“Whenever you like.” Jack smiled at him weirdly. Jay seemed to pick up on the oddness as he frowned slightly. I looked to the clock. It was almost eleven in the morning. I usually never slept until eleven; I usually woke up at around two in the afternoon.

“Same. Whenever.” I said, copying Jack. He seemed to notice me copying him and glared at me for what felt like the tenth time over the last two days. “What about you, Eve?”

“Yeah, same. Dad says he doesn’t mind, but I do have homework, as I’m sure all you do too.” She raised her eyebrows at us and put her hands on her hips judgingly. I waved a hand at her carelessly and we all laughed lightly.

The End

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