Chapter 6Mature

“Well, then. Goodnight everyone. Goodnight, Jack. Goodnight, Eva. Goodnight”- Jay was about to say my name when he got cut off.  

“Oh shut up!” Eva laughed as she lay next to me in her sleeping bag that Jay had leant her. The sidelight was still on next to Jay’s bed.

“We aren’t actually going to sleep, right?” I said, feeling wide awake and sitting up. Eva sat up next to me; her hair was already a mess from lying down.

“Nah. Let’s chat. So... guys, who do you all fancy?” Eva asked, eyeing me. I laughed and pushed her back down on the blow-up double mattress we were on. I knew she would ask that.

“No one.” I said after a few seconds, but I kept my eyes on Jay.

“Yeah, same. Maybe that girl from the film with the massive tits.” Jack said and everyone laughed, some naturally and some forced. “What about you, Jay? Who do you like?”

“I don’t know. I think there's this one person I like. But I’m not a hundred percent sure they like me back. I shouldn’t tell them I like them though, it’ll make me look like an idiot.” He blushed and I grinned. He hadn’t said it was a she he liked! But he didn’t say what gender this mystery person was at all.

“What do they look like?” Eva sat with her head in her hands, watching Jay.

“Short-ish brown hair,” I have short-ish brown hair! “They also have very intriguing eyes.” I tried to look at my own eyes for a minute and I could see Jack doing it too. Eva made a noise at the second to last word.

“That's a very big word, Jay. Are you sure you know what it means?” She mocked. He nodded and went even redder than he already was.

“What about you, Eva? You like anyone?” I asked, aiming to be able to make fun of her (in a nice way).

“Yes. In fact I do. Its that guy who looks like Tom Felton. You know, the blonde one in the year above us.” She was now turning as red as Jay but she spoke with confidence.

“Well, he is rather...” I stopped myself saying what I was going to say. Jay raised his eyebrows at me.

“He’s rather what?” He smirked.

“Oh shut up.” I laughed.

Then I wondered for a moment if he could be jealous. I should put that to the test, I should say I fancy someone and see what Jay says about it. Maybe he does like me! No, he doesn’t like me. He’s not gay or even bi. He’s straight. Yeah, straight as a round-a-bout.

The two voices argued over and over in my head and created a noise over the other peoples talking in the room so I completely zoned out of the conversation. Eventually, it was time to sleep.

The last thing I remembered before I went to sleep was glaring towards the place where Jack was sleeping: next to Jay. I envied him, I won’t deny it.

The End

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