Chapter 5Mature

“Right, I think we could fit two in the bed and two on the floor.” Jay was saying as he surveyed his bedroom, planning where we could all sleep. He pointed to his double bed and the small places on the floor next to it.

“I think me and you should go in the bed, Jay.” Jack said, showing Jay how large his eyes could go as he pleaded.

“Erm... Okay.” Jay said uncertainly. He obviously didn’t want to sleep with Jack but as he had suggested it, it would’ve seemed rude to not go along with it. I didn’t sulk though, as I’m sure Jack would’ve done if I had been sleeping with Jay.

“I don’t get why they have to sleep together.” I muttered to Eva, she was certain now I liked Jay and I could talk openly now I knew she knew.

“You have no idea how wrong that sounds.” She giggled quietly as Jay and Jack put their sleeping bags over the thick duvet on the bed. I chuckled quietly with her.

“Hey, guys. What's so funny?” Jack smiled at me falsely and said it with an almost robotic tone.

“Oh, nothing.” I grinned and Jay just shrugged smoothing out his sleeping bag.

“Why do they have to have sleeping bags anyway? They could easily use the duvet.” Eva whispered as we watched them.

“Because then, it would be better for them to... you know... do things.” My grin grew bigger.

“Okay.” She laughed. “Lets get ready for bed. Want to use the bathroom?” Eva stopped laughing.

“No thanks. I’ll change here. We’re all guys.” I winked at her as she disappeared into the en suite.

I took off my tshirt quickly then lingered while I held my pyjama top. I wanted to make sure Jay got a good look. I did it subtly and it worked too. He glanced at me more than once. That I can be sure of. I’m not vain; I just wanted him to know what I looked like. If he didn’t like what he saw, then fine, if he did then yippee for me.

Then I froze as I stepped out of my jeans. I didn’t want Jay to see anything private private. I kept my boxers on and pulled my trousers on. Eva came out moments later.

“I’m going to change in the bathroom.” Jack said morosely. He had seen what I was doing and wasn’t confident enough to show his body. I nearly burst out laughing at the look on his face for the second or third time.

The End

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